Feb 1 Meeting to Discuss New High School

If you missed the February 1st special meeting of the PTA to discuss the APS plans for 1,300 new high school “seats,” we have a link to the presentation below. Thank you to Patrick Henry parents Steve Maguire (FAC) and Megan Haydasz (ACI) for putting together an informative presentation!

To view the presentation, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to make your voice heard, the contact information for feedback is:

  • School Board: school.board@apsva.us
  • APS: newhighschool@apsva.us
  • FAC (HS sites): Lois Thomas Koontz – ltkk@hotmail.com
  • ACI (HS programs): Tina Kulenski – tkuklenski@mac.com & Louisa Marinaccio – louisa.a.marinaccio@nasa.gov

Upcoming Meetings:

  • February 13, 2017 – FAC Meeting, 7 PM (Abingdon ES Library, Tour 6:30 PM)
  • February 15, 2017 – Joint FAC/ACI Meeting – High School Redesign, 7-9 PM (Syphax, Room 101/103)

Websites for Updates:

  • (APS) New High School Design & Construction: https://www.apsva.us/instruction/new-high-school/design-construction/
  • (APS) New High School Instructional Focus: https://www.apsva.us/instruction/new-high-school/
  • (ACI) Advisory Council on Instruction: https://www.apsva.us/aci/
  • (FAC) Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs: https://www.apsva.us/design-and-construction/advisory-council-on-school-facilities-and-capital-programs/