Teacher Grants

The PTA gives grade level, specials and school‐wide program grants that directly support and enrich the curricula and help provide new approaches to learning. Many of these grants allow students to go on educational field trips not otherwfield-tripise possible.

So far this year, we have funded the following:

5th Grade Field Trip to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC): In early September, 5th graders traveled to the Maryland eastern shore to visit SERC. While there they used microscopes to inspect plankton activity, observed oyster growth, seined for bay life (with waders on!), and undertook a watershed analysis. These activities supplemented their ongoing study of the importance of our watersheds and how human interactions impact the quality of water and land nearby and downstream.

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Kennedy Center: On February 17th, Patrick Henry Kindergartners will visit the Kennedy Center to see Follow That Fiddle. The show features musical styles from mystical Eastern music to American fiddling and explore the histories of world instruments and complements their learning about geography and music.

FLES/Spanish Concert – 1-2-3 Andres: Latin performer, Andres Salguero – also known as 1-2-3 Andres – performed for all Patrick Henry students last semester. His show features lively music in Spanish as well as dancing. His imaginary tour of Latin American countries further exposed students to the culture and geography of Spanish speaking countries and to the Spanish language.

Informational Technology: The IT team requested GLG funds to purchase 12 Google virtual reality devices or VRs. The VRs can be used to virtually “visit” places and eras that students may not physically be able to go to. The IT team also purchased Osmo coding and other products designed to enhance real-world math, language, arts, science, and technology skills. The Osmo Genius kit, for example, includes tangram and word puzzles.

Exemplary Program – Microscope Madness: This grant funds the purchase of 10 new microscopes and slides. Five of these microscopes will remain on a mobile cart that teachers can “check out” for their students’ use. The remaining five microscopes can be checked out individually for use in classroom science observation centers. The aim of this purchase is to strengthen students’ scientific observation skills and enable them to better understand the natural world around them.

ESOL Literacy Nights: The ESOL/HILT team is using PTA funds to host four evening sessions with parents of ESOL/HILT students in pre-K to grade 5. During these sessions, the team shares information about the benefits of family literacy and engages parents and their children in literacy activities that can be duplicated at home. Attendees receive dinner, participate in an activity, and receive materials and books for use at home.

Theater Club: Members of the 4th and 5th grade Theater Club will visit the Kennedy Center on Thursday, January 12th to see the musical performance Bud, Not Buddy. As the group of 80 students prepares for its February 9th production, the performance will expose them to how a professional show is put on.


Last year’s grants included:

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program: books, games to teach self‐advocacy and other materials
  • Communications Program: field trip to Clemyjontri
  • ESOL/HILT Program: support for literacy family nights
  • Special Education: matching Skill Building grant
  • Kindergarten: National Zoo field trip
  • 1st Grade: Hidden Oaks Nature Center field trip
  • 2nd Grade: Madame Tussaude’s Wax Museum field trip
  • 3rd Grade: Arcadia Farm field trip
  • 4th Grade: overnight field trip to Williamsburg
  • 5th Grade: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center field trip
  • Art: book making machine
  • P.E.: Sqords in Grades 3‐5
  • Spanish: Performance by Latin Grammy award winner Uno, Dos, Tres, Con Andres
  • Exemplary Program: binoculars & magnifying glasses
  • IT: programmable Sphero Robots