Read-a-Thon FAQs

Because this is the first year we are using our new online system for the Read-a-Thon, a number of questions have come up. We hope this is helpful and would appreciate your feedback.


I can’t find my child’s secret code to set up his/her online account. How do I get it?
Please ask your child’s teacher for the secret code or for another copy of the flyer that contains this secret code.

Can we accept donations of cash and personal checks?
Yes, you can ask for donations payable by credit card, checks and cash.

– Donations by credit card are made online on your child’s personal read-a-thon page.
– If you receive a check, you can go to your child’s read-a-thon account’s “Dashboard” and click “Make a Donation.” From there, you can simply enter the donation on behalf of the sponsor using the information on the check. All the information you need is on the check. When the donation is accepted, you can destroy the check.
– If you receive a cash donation, please bring the cash in an envelope to your child’s teacher at the end of the read-a-thon. Once all cash is collected, your child will get credit for it on their account. Alternately, you could keep the donated cash and make a credit card donation on your child’s read-a-thon page for the same amount.

I forgot to record my child’s reading time yesterday. I added it today. Is there a way to back-date the reading session?
No, this system does not allow us to back-date reading sessions. It’s OK if the wrong date is displayed, as long as your child is getting credit for the number of minutes read.