The PTA conducts several fundraisers throughout the school year. The fundraisers are generally consistent with the PTA’s mission to build community and enhance the educational experience for our children.  We try to avoid asking parents and students to sell items.

  • Grocery Store School Rewards Programs – Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway and Target each have school rewards programs.   Each program operates a bit differently, but in general you “link” your loyalty rewards cards (like your Giant card or Harris Teeter VIC card) to Patrick Henry and a portion of your purchases are donated to the PTA.  The more cards that are linked to Patrick Henry the more the PTA earns.  This is an easy way to earn money for the school.  Information on how to your cards is available on our website.
  • Fall Read-a-thon – New in 2013-14 the PTA sponsored a Fall Read-a-thon to raise funds and encourage children to read.  Children set reading goals for the 2-week reading period and ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them with a set amount or amount per minute of reading.  During the two-week reading period children are encouraged to meet their goals through daily challenges at home, classroom challenges, and “stop and read” periods throughout the week.  Prizes are given to all who participate, and top readers can win special prizes like a scooter, school spiritwear, books, and more!  If the school reaches certain goals everyone gets a special party and a “super-secret surprise day.”  It’s great fun for all!
  • Silent Auction – In the Spring the PTA holds a Silent Auction at the school.  A committee of parents solicits donations from local businesses.  The teachers provide fun activities for children (like Pizza in the Habitat or a movie after school).  And each class contributes a basket of goods.  The items are displayed in the hallways of the school.  While the children watch a movie in the gym parents can bid on items from the Auction.  It’s a fun, family friendly night that provides funds for a large portion of the PTA budget.
  • Silver Diner Night –Silver Diner Night is a Patrick Henry institution. Normally held in October each year, the PTA organizes an evening when Henry families go to Silver Diner in Clarendon for dinner and 20% of the profits from that evening go to the PTA. This is quite a fun evening. Teachers join in the fun by seating families and serving food. The PTA sponsors a raffle. Kids have fun seeing their friends and each year we take over more and more of the restaurant!
  • Book Fair – In December each year the PTA sponsors a Book Fair in the library.  On the first day of the fair, students go through the fair with their classes and make out wish lists which they will bring home. Should you decide to purchase books, you may send money in with your child, or visit the book fair yourself. The fair is open throughout the school days, various mornings prior to school and after school as well as one evening in conjunction with the Winter Concert.  Proceeds from the Book Fair are used to update the library.
  • School Photos – School photos are taken in the Fall and Spring each year.  The vendor returns a portion of the proceeds from the pictures to the PTA.
  • Box Tops for Education– Box tops are small labels on various products (like cereals, granola bars, apple sauce, Kleenex) that are worth $0.10 each.  Parents are asked to collect box tops from products they purchase and on the last Friday of every month children bring in their box top “dollars” (10 box tops taped to a form that can be found on our website) and “buy” trinkets.  It’s a really easy way to earn money for the school!
  • White House Christmas Ornament sale – In the fall, White House Christmas Ornaments are for sale through the PTA. The PTA is able to buy the ornaments at a discount rate and then earns approximately $2 per ornament sold.  Ornaments are a great holiday gift!
  • PTA Sponsorship – Provide educational opportunities for Patrick Henry Students through advertising with the PTA.