Patrick Henry Relocation

Information about upcoming move of Patrick Henry ES to Thomas Jefferson MS site.  For additional information and proposed site plan visit the APS Design & Construction Projects Site.

Sep 2 Update from PHES BLPC Representative

September 2, 2016 update from Katie Rouse, one of our PHES representatives to the BLPC:

Hello Henry Community –

Welcome Back!  It has been great to see so many parents and kids over the past couple of days – and today’s burst of cool(er) weather certainly feels like we’re ready to head back to school.
I’m writing with the latest and greatest info on the design for the new school facility!  Lots of work has been accomplished over the summer and there have been some new updates since Megan’s last note.
For those of you who read through all of the presentations and keep up with the details, here is the link to the latest presentation (lots of design ideas in here, I recommend you flip through this one!):
And for those of you who prefer the cliff notes:
VMDO (our design team) has been refining two site design options.  This past Wednesday they presented two updated and revised options pulling together what they thought were the best components of earlier designs.
These two options are:
1. One level parking, partially below grade, drop off in the garage
2. Two level underground parking, drop off along South Old Glebe
Picture below of the two options – the differences you’ll be able to see from these pictures is the location of drop off.  On the right hand side, you’ll see a little jug handle.  This drop off is still a work in process, but you can see that it would take place along S. Old Glebe.   On the left hand side, the play space is on top of a partially below grade parking structure, drop off would take place along the pedestrian plaza alongside TJ MS.Image 1 - dropoff
Inline image 1
Next, some comparisons of the two options on specific details that are important to the community:
One level partially below grade parking Two level, underground parking
Drop off in garage Drop off along S. Old Glebe

197 spots in garage

11 surface spots

208 total

+/- 40 street on school side of S. Old Glebe


224 spots in garage

11 surface spots

235 total

+/- 26 street on school side of S Old Glebe


52, 685 square feet for ES

51,443 square feet for MS



56,609 sf for ES;

51,675 sf for MS


73 sf of playspace per student 77 sf of playspace per student
Playspace comparison to Discovery ES (similar in that space needed to be shared b/w a MS and ES); Discovery has 630 student capacity

9,453 sf PK/K area

32,853 sf grade 1-5

42,306 square feet total

67 sf per student

Pedestrian mall; series of ramps and stairs; All three side entrances of TJMS become accessible No mall; does not dig out except for retaining wall – moving the pits in, closer to the building.   Two of the three entrances of TJMS become accessible
Site Perviousness:

27.1% pervious

5.8 % semi

67% Impervious

Site Perviousness:

32.5% pervious

11.6% semi

56.0% impervious

Next, Principal Turner and Principal (Boggan) Campbell talked about their point of view as it relates to the two options.  Principal Turner expressed a preference for Option 2 (2 story below grade parking, drop off on S. Old Glebe) because drop off is closer to the ES front door, drop off would be at grade without ramps or stairs which would keep it safer and faster for the ES, additionally there is more play space.  Principal Campbell expressed a preference for option two primarily for MS student safety, in that the MS students would not share a play area with emergency vehicles, line of sight for adult supervision after school is much better in Option two.
Then with such strong feedback around option two, it was asked what are we giving up to get this option?  Two key trade-offs were discussed.  First, we’d give up the idea of the “pedestrian plaza” which was part of the outcome of the South Arlington Working Group.  Next, we would give up the potential use of a flat parking garage for other community purposes (food trucks, skating, etc).   Cost of the two options is approximately the same.
The group also discussed how to safely operationalize a two story underground garage.  Ideas that were discussed included good bright lighting, cameras and open inviting stairwells.  Garage safety is something that will continue to be worked on and problem solved.
After discussing all of the above, the design team shared some preliminary thinking on what the facility will look like. They are working to ensure the building has a nice, strong civic presence, and that it is inviting and playful for kids.  You’ll notice in the pictures below that more color is seen on the non-street facing side of the building. A couple of renderings are pasted below, however, please see the presentation for more!  I was unable to all of the different views in the email because the size was too big to send over the listserv.
Image 2 - South Elevation perspective
Image 3 - East Elevation perspective
Image 4 - North Elevation perspective
Image 5 - Northwest Elevation perspective
Image 6 - South Elevation perspective
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Inline image 5
Inline image 6
Finally, the meeting concluded with a temperature check of the room to provide guidance to the design team as to which direction to keep working on the details.  All in the room were in favor of the second option (with two people abstaining).
We are eager to hear your feedback!  There is a community meeting on 9/13 that we highly encourage you to attend (or send us your feedback and we will happily share it!).
As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Megan, Andrea, Ted or Joe.  We’d welcome your ideas and would be happy to share them with APS and the design team.

Please Attend the Community Meeting for New Elementary School – June 8!

Patrick Henry is scheduled to move to the New Elementary School site (next to Thomas Jefferson Middle School) in the fall of 2019 (boundary changes are yet to be determined). A public meeting for the New Elementary School will be held June 8, 2016 from 7pm-9pm in the Thomas Jefferson Middle School cafeteria, to inform the general public of the progress made to date and to allow a period for public comment and discussion.

Please try to attend, and bring your neighbors!

The public is also welcome at any BLPC (Building Level Planning Commission) and PFRC (Public Facilities Review Committee) meetings – next BLPC meeting is Wed, June 1, 2016, 8:10 – 10:00 pm, in the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Library. These groups are comprised of representatives from many communities, including our PTA, and are shaping the design of the new Henry building.  They need your input!