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Transitions to New Elementary Schools: Fall 2019


Following the School Board’s December 6, 2018 vote on elementary school boundaries, Henry students are now zoned to attend three different elementary schools next year.

There are many different ways to be involved in next years school.  Please click here for more information.

  • Planning units to attend FLEET are in blue.
  • Planning units to attend DREW are in orange.
  • Planning units to attend HOFFMAN-BOSTON are in pink.

Career Center Seats

Join our NEW Google Group to access Talking Points, Sample Letters, and Signups for Meetings/Office Hours to HELP us advocate for a comprehensive, neighborhood high school at the Career Center site!

To Join, go to groups.google.com, and search for “Equal DOES Mean the Same, APS!” 

Click on the group name, and fill out the form (name, address, and reason for joining) to request access.

Once approved, email EDMTS@googlegroups.com to post.  

…and spread the word!